I don’t know what to say

We just got a glossy 10-page magazine-type advertisement addressed to my spouse from the alumni association of  the state university where I’m employed and he took a graduate degree.  Title: “Around the World By Private Jet.”  For only $57,000 a person double occupancy we can take a 24-day group tour in November by private jet to Cusco and Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Samoa, the Great Barrier Reef, Angkor Wat, Lhasa, the Taj Mahal, Tanzania (a safari), Egypt and Morocco.  Hotels and meals included.  Also four professors to explain things, a trip physician, and a trip chef who will prepare presumably-edible airline food and “lavish banquets” each day.  I looked it up in case you want to know more.  I bounce between being amazed that anyone could afford such a thing to thinking how naive I am to be surprised this exists to thinking it would be fun to wondering if their customer base has declined lately.